“Isn’t it Romantic” + “Captain Morgan” + “Match” + “Keopix”

When our clients want a traditional photo booth decked out with technology, then that’s what our client gets! With the after party of the new movie “Isn’t it Romantic” starring Rebel Wilson, accompanying Captain Morgan in this amazing after party.

Our clients had a specific idea, and we took it and ran!  They wanted a traditional photo booth that capture’s the romantic period when people take photos in old school photo booths, that it would always end up with fun and kisses.  They wanted the booth to be decked out with roses while still being able to keep the branding and technology and this is what we came up with.

After it was all approved.. game day.  This is the final outcome of the photo booth we created!

Each guest received two photo strips with roses and branding along with GIFs of the session that they can email/text and also they would get every single individual photo in original format.  We also added our Glam Filter that smoothes out wrinkles and flaws on the skin to give everyone that extra shine.  (find out more about the Glam booth here)

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