A woman poses in the photo booth at the Jingle Ball

Photo Booths

Adding a photo booth to your event is a tried and true way to get guests talking and sharing their experiences. We design and fabricate our photo booths in-house, and offer a touch screen display that’s easy for any guest to use. You can choose a simple rental for your next event, or keep a photo booth on-site for repeat customer use.


A woman texts her photo to herself from the Selfie Booth

Selfie Booths

Selfie booths are available for rental or permanent use, and provide an interactive way for your guests to share their reactions to your event. Simply order the booth, receive it in the mail, set up according to our instructions, connect to the internet, and go! Allow your guests to upload selfies to their own social media pages to provide an extra boost for your event.


360 keopix video slo motion

360 Orbit Cam

A 360° video booth is an immersive experience designed to capture attention at your next event. While inside, guests are filmed from all sides, allowing them to truly express themselves and how they’re feeling at your event. Consider adding features like confetti or smoke to truly impress everyone who catches a glimpse of your guests’ videos.

LA Rams Photo Mosaic Wall

Photo Mosaic Wall

We create digital & physical mosaics from live event photos, in real-time. Photos are automatically retrieved from Instagram, Twitter, an on-site photo booth or roaming photographer’s camera and are placed into the mosaic.  This is called our Photo Mosaic Wall

robosketcher sketchbot austin


Introducing the RoboSketcher, the mini robot arm that brings your photos to life in just 30 seconds! Watch in awe as this incredible device captures your photo and magically converts it into a beautiful sketch right before your eyes. The live experience is truly mesmerizing, as you witness the transformation unfold in real-time. And the best part? You’ll receive your personalized sketch in just 30 seconds


Image of two friends posing in a black & white photo booth with Glam filter applied.

Glam Booth

This is known as the “Kardashian filter,” and for good reason. Your guests or clients will wish they could take this booth home after they see the smoothing, blending effects, the classic black and white filter, and just how great they look.  Not all glam booths are the same.  Let us show you why we’re always the top choice!


trading card sample

Custom Trading Cards

Design your personalized trading cards for any occasion, whether it’s a sports event or a creative project. Your guests will treasure this trading card concept. Customize names and choose from various templates for a unique touch!

multi camera array keopix

Multi Camera Array

Multi-camera arrays are a great way to increase the wow factor at your event. An array of cameras captures your guests from any angle they desire and shoots a video clip that is unique enough to get them sharing on social media. We can help you choose props or effects for truly one-of-a-kind experiences.

Kendra Scott Staff pose for a Boomerang

Boomerang Booth

Boomerangs, like GIFs, have been going viral. Smoother than a GIF, a Boomerang produces a fun, back and forth effect your guests will enjoy recording and uploading. Corporate events can add branding to really up the social media impact.

LA Rams Photo Mosaic Wall

Portrait Studio

We provide the lighting, the equipment, the studio for your clients to go in and take their own headshot.  With the remote in their own hands, your guests can take as many shots as needed to get their own perfect look.  Afterwards, we’ll print and/or allow them to download their digital photos on the spot!  Give back to your employees and guests!  Head shots studio booth.



Custom Printed Photo ID Cards made in the photo booth

Roaming Photo Booth

With our mobile roaming photo booth, we can engage your clients/guests without them having to move from their seats!  We will bring the party to them!  After taking their photo or boomerang, they can share the digital file instantly!  Add a print station to allow printing on the spot!

Photo Booth for Permanent Store Placement

Neon Messages

Leave behind your marking on the world and write messages and show your friends and family what you’re thinking!  Create positive outlooks on life and share with your friends! This is the Neon message writing booth!



Two women pose for three photos that are composited into an animated GIF

GIF Booth

Is it pronounced JIF or GIFT?  We don’t know.  All we know is that it’s super fun!  Take multiple poses in one of our GIF booths and make your friends jealous with your new animation!  GIFs are everywhere now!

full tradeshow booth for Photobooths and such.

T-Frame full build out

Looking for a backdrop that will make your event truly stand out? Our framing system is the perfect solution! With its sleek, modern design and customizable options, our framing system will transform any space into a work of art. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or trade show, our framing system can be tailored to fit your exact needs. Choose from a wide range of different configurations.


Green Screen Boomerang with man in a space ship orbiting around Earth

Green Screen

Do you want to superimpose your guests in space? Maybe you’d rather insert them into an old, Hollywood movie or a magazine cover for a corporate sponsor’s business.  With a green screen photo or video booth, anything is possible for any event type.  

Four friends pose together holding the peace sign, a tropical filter is applied to the image.

Filter Booth

Do you want to blend guests into a custom background, or overlay photos with unique effects? Bring your event’s style to life and add one of hundreds of images, backgrounds, logos, and more. Our filter booths can do just about anything you can imagine!  This is called our custom Filter Booth!

Runway Glam Bot video VFX

Video Runway VFX

Imaging having your own red carpet event where you’re the model on the runway.  Let us create an epic glam bot style VFX for your event, and dance your way into the spotlight!



G Eazy poses with a fan on the red carpet

Event Photographer

Our photographers provide a range of services, including roaming photography to capture all aspects of your event or party. Or, choose a stationary photographer to capture images of each guest in a predetermined setting. The customization options are endless.  Cont us for your next meet and greet photo ops!