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Boomerang Booth

The new trend in online conversations and memes are BOOMERANGS; also known as Burst GIFs. These specific GIF files are a lot smoother than normal GIF files. We take a 2-3 second video and splice it up into individual frames to give you a ping pong animated GIF file that will put a smile on anyone’s face!

Complement the GIF with other options such as: Green screen, or even a 180 array look!  We also provide permanent installs in bars, shops, and restaurants. 


A woman falls backwards into a pit of pillows and is captured in a Burst GIF
A couple is captured in a Boomerang GIF with a camera that slides across a rail to produce a 3D image

3D Boomerangs

Looking for a camera array, but limited on space or budget? Our 3D Boomerang system offers the solution you’ve been searching for. The set-up is simpler than a traditional multi-camera array and can be set up in locations where an array just would not be feasible…like outside on a grassy lawn with little access to power. Even better, we can pair it with a custom curved backdrop or green screen for the ultimate immersive experience.  You can combine this with a custom background setup that will make the user feel like they’re there!


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