Get a

Selfie Booth

If you have an event, activation, or party that you want to set up​ one or multiple self service photo booths, then our Keopix Selfie Booths are the affordable solution you’ve been dreaming of!   Brand-able, customizable, extremely fun and a very small carbon footprint setup!  Pick up/drop-off in Austin or Boston, or we can mail them out/bring them to your city.

We can come set it up for you and pick up after the event or if you’re in a rural area, we will ship our photo booth to you, along with detailed set-up instructions/videos. Just follow the assembly guide, connect to the Internet and turn on our program. No tools are required. You’ll be taking photos & boomerangs within a matter of minutes!

We also provide permanent installs in bars, shops, and restaurants.  These are amazing for trade shows or events on the go!


Three Selfie Booths shown from different angles.
A woman uses the touch screen on the Keopix Selfie Booth to share her photos to her phone

Digital Photos
and GIFs

Our Selfie Booths take Digital Photos, Boomerangs, and Animated GIFs that your guests can share immediately from their mobile phones.  Contact us to create new unique FX videos for your guests or brand!   Additionally, all of your images will be uploaded to your own private gallery for instant viewing.  For extra privacy, we can hide the gallery link from guests or provide password protection.

Take the next step

Animation + Boomerangs

Add-in animation and/or a custom title screen and make your boomerang videos come to life!  Promoting and advertising your brand in a way that makes your guest want this output has never been easier!  The options are limitless and we can let your imagination run wild!  We can add music and custom branding to any event and solution.  Our design team can set up some samples for your event.

A couple is captured in a Boomerang GIF with a camera that slides across a rail to produce a 3D image

combine other services to create a custom one of a kinda unique experience!  Green screen, set production, 360 orbit, top camera mount point of view.  The types of activations we can do with this type of a setup is limitless!  Contact us today!