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(Virtual) B-day

Obi is old af.. it’s about the turning point in his life where he would enjoy the support of his friends and family during this covid birthday

Fun things in store…

With this being virtual, we have a number of fun things in store for you that you can do to help Obi celebrate this amazing day of birth!

Virtual Photo Booth

A party isn’t fun without it’s very own PHOTO BOOTH!


Digital Mosaic wall

Text your photo to this number, and get to be a part of Obi’s Mosaic wall! (see more if you scroll down)

Photo Gallery

Look through the photo gallery and see what type of fun we’ve been having!


Text your PHOTOS to


This is a digital mosaic wall.  All the photos that you’ve texted in will show up in the slideshow below!  It will form an amazing mosaic when all the photos are in!

Photos in mosaic

changed out engine in car


Concerts snuck in