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Sharing Photos To Social Media - FAQs

Can we allow customers to share their photos/gifs to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter directly from the sharing station?

The answer to this question is Yes. However, the second question you should ask is “do you want to?” The answer to that is No. The reasoning being, Facebook and Instagram have created a large amount of security obstacles to jump through when guests try to log onto their personal accounts from an unknown device. It’s tedious and an unpredictable procedure. Most people don’t remember their passwords as well. Then we have the issue of having account temporary lock scenarios even if they do jump through all those hoops because Facebook/Instagram will still flag it. What’s the better solution to this ongoing issue? We use microsites.

What is a Microsite?

A microsite is a a branded landing page where an event guest can see their item (photo, video or gif) and share their item to social media. Instead of sending the guest an attachment of their item, the guest is sent a link to view the item on a landing page where they can share to social media.  Click any of the 3 thumbnails below to see an example.

Miami Music Week sample

iHeartRadio Awards sample

A Star is Born sample

Why should I use a Microsite?

There are many reasons to use Microsites but here are a few:

1) Maximize your events exposure – Microsites are an invaluable and effortless way to increase the number of “people reached.” The link can be shared back to social media where viewers click the link and are brought to the landing page to view the shared item. The visitors to the site are exposed to any advertisements or branded messages included on the page.

2) Eliminate password issues at your kiosks as well as Facebook and Instagram Security issues – A good number of people do not know their social media logins and this can be a bottleneck at your sharing kiosks. we can eliminate this headache by only enabling email or text, and when a guest shares their item, they get a link where they can view it on the microsite. From the microsite your guests has the option of sharing to social media directly from their own device.

3) Allows you to do more – A microsite is a web page. We can use the power of HTML to enhance the experience with the following:

  • Add “Call to Actions”
  • Embed Youtube vides or music players
  • Add Google Analytics scripts
  • Add additional branding (changing backgrounds, adding popups)
  • Track pages views & social media shares
Social Media Buttons

Within the microsite, there are social media buttons with different actions.  Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, download.

Facebook Button

Once clicked, it will open a new window with the preloaded microsite link and the guest can type whatever they want.  The post will then show a link to their photo/video which there will be a FB comment box at the bottom of the post.

Twitter Button

Once clicked, it will open a new window with the preloaded microsite link and preloaded text and the guest can type whatever else they want.  This is the only option where you can pre-set text.

Instagram/Email Button

Once clicked, it will open a new window to input their email so that we can email them a useable file type. Gifs/booomerang can not be posted directly from a phone to instagram. Instagram only allows gifs/boomerangs that are created only using their software. For example, if you found a GIF on the internet, saved it, you can not post it on instagram from your phone. If you tried, it would be a still photo. The solution is to take that Gif/Boomerang, convert it into a video file and then upload. Keopix microsites have a “content delivery” system that helps guests share their photo video or gif to Instagram. The Instagram settings within Microsites are specifically for gif & video but can be used with photos as well.

Gif on microsite – If a guest selects Instagram icon from the microsite, we will convert the gif to a .mp4 and email it to the guest. In the email, we include instructions for the hashtag your guest should share the gif with

Video on microsite – If a guest selects Instagram icon from the microsite, we will convert the mp4 will be emailed to the guest. In the email, we include instructions for the hashtag your guest should share the gif with.

Social Media Statistics/Analytics

If you opted to get statistics upgrade, within 72 hours after your event, you will receive a report like the photo sample below:  (earlier stats can be requested)

How are Facebook & Twitter impressions calculated?

When a user posts to Facebook & Twitter, we gather the number of friends and followers a person has. Posts to social media receive roughly a 30% viewership based on the number of friends a person has. If a person posts to Facebook and has 100 friends, we can say that 30% of their friends will see the post. That would mean this one post to social media has 30 impressions. The same can be applied to Twitter.

How are Email & Text impressions calculated?

Email and Text impressions are calculated based on assumptions. When a person shares a photo via email, they are not hoarding the photo in their email box. We have seen at live events that these users will email the photo to themselves and then post to social media directly thru their smartphones.

Because these users did not use the kiosk, we do not know the number of friends or followers they have so we use the average number of friends a person has view social media. This number is 338 according to research by PEW.

If a person shares a photo via email, we assume they have shared it to social media and that 101 people may have seen the photo. This 1 email share has created 101 impressions.

Overall Impressions Calculated

We use simple math to calculate overall impressions. If you received 100 email impressions, 100 Facebook impressions and 100 Twitter impressions, we add all the numbers together. At an event like this, your overall impressions would be 300.