Green Screen

Want your guests to fly, jump, soar, drive, or be upside-down? The options are endless with our Green Screen Photo Booth Rentals. Our technology allows us to take photos of guests and input them into any scenario you can dream up. For corporate events, we can insert your branding.

Gif Booths

GIFs are the global trend in viral social media branding and technology! From one photo animated GIF to multiple customized outcomes, we can display your sponsors and brands logos in unique and interactive ways to create fun and memorable experiences for your audience. We can create custom animated backgrounds and overlays that cater to your event or sponsors needs and wants.

Filter Booths

With Filters/Blending Photo Booths, we can do anything and everything to a photo. Whether you want to apply a filter to match a poster or outline a background and blend it into a person’s shape, we’ll bring your vision to life!

Boomerang Booths

You know what’s cooler than a Boomerang? How about our 3D boomerang!? It’s the easiest way to become Neo from the Matrix. Give your events more of an edge with the 3D effect. Guests can stand still for the bullet effect or they can move while getting the 180 degree 3D effect!

ID Card Printing

Planning an event where you would like photos printed onto ID Cards? Custom ID cards are the perfect brand activation. We can pre-print the backside, add in green screen, overlays or any type of props to maximize the event. We can also order custom lanyards for your event!.